Animal: Pig
Joined Fair Association: 1948

Thummer became the Fair mascot in 1948. He was created by former Fair sign painter Morrie Stewart in 1948. Thummer received his name through a Los Angeles television station’s “Name the Pig” contest. He can be seen on Fair bumper stickers and appearances on directional signs pointing to the Fair.

Thummer is a fun-loving pig who is the official ambassador of LA County Fair. He is a huggable pig who loves to give high fives and pats on the back to any new friends he meets. He loves to dance to any and all music and his mischievous nature sometimes gets him lost or in trouble… it’s a good thing Daisy’s around to help him out!


Animal: Cow
Joined Fair Association: 2003

Daisy the Cow was introduced to LA County Fair guests in September 2003. She joins Fair mascot Thummer in providing fun, entertainment and greetings to all our guests at the LA County Fair. Thummer and Daisy can be found, where else, but at The Farm.

Daisy the Cow, the mother-figure of LA County Fair, is a symbol of the family and the hostess of the Fair. She makes sure that everyone is having a great time on top of the difficult task of making sure Thummer and Lily don’t get into trouble.


Animal: Lamb
Joined Fair Association: 2004

Lily was introduced to the LA County Fair cast of characters in the summer of 2004. She is a cute and cuddly lamb who represents the innocence and wide-eyed wonder of youth and childhood found at the Fair. Everything is fresh and new to Lily, whose endearing shyness is only overcome by her curiosity to make new friends.

Lily may seem a little bashful as she peeps around Daisy’s skirt and sucks her thumb…but once she get to know someone, she loves to play patty cake and peek-a-boo! With her soft, warm hugs, it’s no wonder that Lily captivates the hearts of all who meet her.