Keep an eye out for the $6.50 POP sign at the Fair!

It let's you know that the vendor has a $6.50 food item.

Participating Vendor Sign for 6.50 Menu

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Type of Food

Vendor and Food Item

Only at the LA County Fair

Indian Fry Bread - Indian Fry Bread Street Taco

Frontier BBQ - Fire pit fries & 16oz Drink

Oven Fresh Pizzeria - Slice of Spam Pizza & 16oz Drink

The Dog House -Rainbow Pop Grilled Cheese & 16oz Drink

ICEE - ICEE Fair Souvenior Cup w/ Candy Topping

Funnel cake of love - Venetian cream funnel cake & 16oz Drink

Bubba's BBQ - TMNT Esquite

McKinley's Grille - Crispy Yukon | pulled braised short rib | pickled red onions cheese sauce made with award winning (Fairplex) local beer

McKinley's Grille - "The Woo Woo" Hibiscus infused vodka | peach | cranberry juice


Govinda's Veggie Bomb - BBQ Jack Fruit Taco & 16oz Drink


Macpherson's Ice Cream - 32 oz Rootbeer float

Bacon-A-Fair - Bacon Dog, Fries & 16oz Drink

Kettle Corn - Kettle Corn

ICEE - Hot Dog & Sm Icee

Tasti Chips - Sm Tasti Chips & 16oz Drink

Tasti Burger - Sm burger, fries & 16oz Drink

Pink's Hot Dogs - 1/4lb Turkey Dog


Timbo's Fresh Beef Jerky - Chocolate dipped beef jerky

Backyard Mexican - Crazy Esquite in a cup & 16oz Drink

Blooming Onion - 1/2 Chicken and Ribbon Fries

Candyland - Jumbo Popcorn & 16oz Drink

Long Board - Hatch Green Chile Asada Fries & 16oz Drink

Burgers, Breakfast and Desserts - Grilled Cheese and Ham Sandwich

King Taco - Cheese or Meat Quesadilla & 16oz Drink

Texas Style BBQ - BBQ Pork Sundae

Crayz Corn - Teenage Mutant Ninja Corn-On-The-Cob


Chicken Charlie - Deep Fired Uncrustable & 16oz Drink

Pineapple Express - Deep Fried Pineapples & 16oz Drink

Fried A Fair - Deep fried Pecan Pie

Mexican Funnel Cake -Sm Mexican Funnel Cake & 16oz Drink

Chicago Hot dogs - Mini corn dog and fries


Afters Ice Cream - Single Scoop of Ice Cream on Waffle Cone

Shaved Ice Cart - Lg Shaved Ice

Texas Donuts - Poprock Texas Donut

Texas Funnel Cake - Ice Cream Cone topped with Fruity Pebbles

Tapatias - 16oz Mangoneada

Fresh Baked Cookies - Cookie Sundae

Nitro Snack Dragon Breathe - Small Nitro Snack

Roll Ice Cream - Roll ice cream cone

Olde Time Ice Cream - Lemonade Slushie Popsicle

Nitro Treats - Tajin Dole Whip

Scoops on Tap - 2 scoops of ice cream in a sugar cone

Funnel Cake - Sm Cinnamon & Powdered Sugar Funnel Cake & 16oz Drink

Borsat -Sm Cone & 16oz Drink

Juicy's Funnel Cake -Sm Funnel Cake & 16oz Drink

Dutchmen -Churro & 16oz Drink

Scoops on Tap -2 Scoops of Hand Crafted Ice Cream

Other POPin' Menu Items

Burgers - 1lb of fries & 16oz Drink

Timbo's Fresh Beef Jerky - Chocolate Dipped Beef Jerky & 16oz Drink

Timbo's II fresh beef jerky - 1 beef stick and 1 steak jerky

Ten pound buns - 1/3 slice of ten pound cake & 16oz Drink

Granders -1/2 pork sandwich with slaw, fries & 16oz Drink

Get Fried -1/2 Size Fry & 16oz Drink

Gormet licorice ropes -2 Flavor of the day gormet licorice ropes

Bubba's BBQ -2 skillet fried, thick bologna sliders & 16oz Drink

Juicy's Outlaw burger -2 Turkey Leg Tacos & 16oz Drink

Roast Beef -2 Roast Beef or BBQ Slider & 16oz Drink

Kona Shaved Ice -2 Sm Kona ice

Beignet Belly -3 Classic beignets & Coffee

Mom's Bakedshoppe -4 Baked Cookies & 16oz Drink

Hawaiian Chicken bowl -10oz Chicken bowl

Aqua frescas -12 Oz agua fresca

Fresh fruit and smoothies -All natural cut fruit & 16oz Drink

Carmelot -Apple slices with caramel

Kettle Corn -Bag of Flavored Kettle Corn

Govinda's Veggie Bomb -BBQ Jack Fruit Taco

Cowboy Kettle Corn -Candy Pop

Chicago hot dogs -Chicago hot dog & 16oz Drink

Biggy's -Chicken Nuggets & 16oz Drink

Pepe's Mariscos Fresh Mexican Food -Chicken Quesadilla & 16oz Drink

Eddies Asian Cuisine -Chow Mein & 16oz Drink

Big Dogs -Churro & 16oz Drink

Baked Potato and Roasted Corn -Corn on the Cob & 16oz Drink

Juicy's Roasted Corn -Cup of Corn & 16oz Drink

Backyard BBQ Chicken -Deep Fried zucchini & 16oz Drink

Backyard BBQ Chicken -Fried Zucchini (3 or 4) & 16oz Drink

Dole Whip - Dole whip cup

Baja Lobster - Fish Taco & 16oz Drink

Pizmo's fish and chips -Fonzie Fish stick taco

Enzo's Pizzeria -Garden Salad & 16oz Drink

Candy Shop -Gourmet caramel apple

Munchkin Munchies -Hot dog & 16oz Drink

Mustard's cafe -Hot dog, Fries & 16oz Drink

Dippin Dots -Ice Cream Float, Your Choice of Soda & Ice Cream

Gourmet Gelato and Churros -Italian Ice and Bottled Water

Gourmet Coffee -Reg Drip Coffee and Hot Chocolate

Spud Snack -Junior Tater Dog & 16oz Drink

Cafe fresh -Mini Chicken Cesar Salad Wrap & 16oz Drink

Sweet Treats Ice Cream -Old Fashion Root Beer Float

Mexican - Quesadilla & 16oz Drink

Harold and Belle's -Red beans and rice with 16oz Drink

Iron and Kin -Regular Drip Coffe and Hot Chocolate

Fiesta Grill -Scorcho Nachos & 16oz Drink

Woodfire Pizza -Slice of Pizza & 16oz Drink

Fresh Fudge -Slice of Sugar Free Fudge

Juicy's -Sm Funnel Cake

Soft Serve -Sm Hot Fudge Sundae & 16oz Drink

Totally Baked Cookie Joint -Sm Ice cream Sandwich

Italian Ice Cart -Sm Italian Ice or Sm Canoli & Drink

Juicy's Greek -Sm Pita or Gyro & 16oz Drink

Popcorn, cotton candy & snow cones -Sm Popcorn & 16oz Drink

TJ's Ice Cream -Sm Snow Cone

Chuckwagon - Tex Mex Spicy Pork Taco & 16oz Drink

Hot Dog on a Stick - Veggie Dog on a Stick and Lemonade

Camelot - Regular Popcorn

Eddies Cocina - Lg Garlic Bread Topped with Melted Mozzarella Cheese & Choice of Pepperoni or Marinated Tomatos & 16oz Drink

Wild Hog BBQ -Tex Mex Spicy Pork Tacos & 16oz Drink

Corn Junction -Corn on the cob & 16oz Drink

Macpherson's Ice Cream -32oz Root Beer Float

Candy Factory -Reg Popcorn & 16oz Drink

Corn Shack -Corn on the Cob & 16oz Drink

Squeezers -2 Sm Lemonades

Burgers, Breakfast & Dessert -Grilled Cheese & Ham Sandwhich & Fries

Pismo's Fish & Chips - Fonzie Fish Stick Taco & 16oz Drink

Monster Grill - Hot Dog & 16oz Drink