Clean Hands are Safe Hands

POMONA, CA (Aug. 10, 2019) – The LA County Fair wants to remind all fairgoers that Clean Hands Are Safe hands! This year the LA County Fair is taking extra precautionary measures to ensure that all guests come to have clean and safe fun.

To encourage fairgoers to wash their hand after interacting with animals, the fairgrounds is adding additional hand-washing stations and hand sanitizers throughout the grounds.

Additional signage will be posted up all along the interior and exterior of the Big Red Barn to alert guests that no food will be allowed inside or near any animals. Additionally, extra signage pointing fairgoers to washing stations, along with a cleanliness video featuring Thummer that will be shown inside the barn, will help remind guests the importance of keeping themselves washed and clean while having fun at the fair.

Big Red Barn enthusiasts can also have the peace of mind knowing that the railings surrounding the petting farm are cleaned regularly throughout the day.

Be sure to catch our hand-washing campaign on social media: Put Your Clean Hands Up for a Thummer Thumbs Up!

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