LA County Fair to Celebrate Pop Culture with 2019 Theme Limited time collector’s box returns, Admission remains at 2018 prices

Celebrate decades of cultural phenomena as the 2019 LA County Fair Goes Pop! From art to clothes to technology and toys, the Fair takes a deep dive into Pop Culture, with a spotlight on Los Angeles’ influence. Immerse yourself in delights, décor and doohickeys from the 1950s on – frozen dinners, Elvis the Pelvis, the squawk box, space flight, disco, Andy Warhol, electric cars and phones made for yapping that also set the toes a tappin’. The Fair is where nostalgia and relevancy collide!

And building on the success of last year, the Fair is concentrating on value: the popular $6.60 Value Menu is back and admission prices will not increase. Plus, the Fair will celebrate specially priced community days for Los Angeles County and Inland Empire residents.

“We are thrilled to offer a new theme with new programming at the same affordable price as last year,” said Miguel A. Santana, president and CEO of Fairplex, home of the LA County Fair. “We understand that our guests are cost-conscious. The Value Menu was incredibly popular last year, with both our guests and our concessionaires. We sold thousands of ice creams, Tasti Chips, and mac ‘n cheese and buffalo chicken cones. Our goal is to offer a family outing or date night at a terrific value.”

This year’s theme is sure to offer a great time for everyone.

Pop culture weaves our society together, giving us our shared heritage, a common culture.  From hippies to hipsters, from big band to rap, from film noir to superheroes, sitcoms to reality tv, pop culture is the currency of the current! Whether you think you can “dig it” or that you’re “da bomb,” pop culture tells you what is and is not. It's like the mullet -- one day you're rocking it, the next you're mocking it.

The LA County Fair will have it all: larger-than-life pop art on the Fair hillside that pays homage to LA’s movies, music, art and architecture; Toytopia; Popnology 2.0; and the classic nostalgic carnival at the center of it all! You won’t have to ask where’s the beef ‘cause we’ve got it in burgers and on barbecues! And May the Force be with you as you spin ‘round and ‘round on G-Force! Remember there’s no place like home, except the LA County Fair. I pity the fool who misses the Fair in 2019! The Fair runs Aug. 30 to Sept. 22 at Fairplex.

“The LA County Fair, and county and state fairs in general, are a part of pop culture – so what a perfect theme for us,” said Santana. “The Fair traditionally celebrates the attitudes and ideas of pop culture past, present and presumably future. The LA County Fair itself has played a significant role in being at the forefront of popular culture – the first generation of electric washing machines was sold at the first Fair in 1922, the Frisbee was discovered here, and Toby Keith, Miranda Lambert and Rihanna played our concert series right as they hit the worldwide stage.” 

The Fair is continuing a recent phenomenon of pop culture – collector boxes. Souvenir collector ticket boxes have become all the rage with festivals. The Fair introduces its second commemorative box at two price points – the Pop Box at $75 (a $200 value) and the VIP Box, $175 (a $350 value). The Pop Box features four season passes (with blackout dates), parking passes for the first nine days of the Fair, collector’s lanyards and more. The VIP Box includes four season passes and parking passes good each day of the Fair, wine tasting passes and other collector’s goodies.

Last year’s box, featuring the Fair’s Route 66 theme, was a huge hit, with more than 4,300 sold. The LA County Fair Goes Pop boxes are available from March 1 to 21 only.

Last year was the first time the Fair featured a theme that was incorporated in every exhibit and every corner of the campus – a programming element Santana intends to keep.

When the Fair Goes Pop, guests can stroll among giant iconic LA art installations or dance at a modern-day Studio 54 at the Silent Disco, both on the hillside; trek through memory lane with toys from years past at Toytopia, including a giant Etch-A-Sketch and life-sized Monopoly game; experience an explosion of pigmentation as the Flower & Garden Pavilion bursts in Pops of Color; and play among the collision of technology and pop culture in Popnology 2.0, where science fiction becomes science fact.

New for 2019, each weekend will include a music and arts festival featuring the diversity of LA County.

The Fair will also feature its carnival, operated by Ray Cammack Shows; the End of Summer Concert Series; farm animals; food; shopping and more. The Pop Life never ends at the Fair. All attractions, with the exception of the Carnival and reserved seats at concerts, are included with the price of admission.

The value continues as weekday admission remains the same as 2018: $14 for adults (ages 13+), $8 for children (ages 6-12) and $10 for seniors (ages 60+); weekend admission is $20 for adults, $12 for children and $15 for seniors. Children ages 5 and younger are always free. Special discounts are also available – check the website.

Stay tuned for more announcements as the LA County Fair rolls out the End of Summer Concert Series lineup and announces new exhibits and attractions.

Until then, why not sign up for a competition? Competitions and contests – many of which have a Pop Culture theme – will open in mid-February for adults and children. A blue ribbon is the ultimate prize in pop culture phenomena. Plus, a blue ribbon is very Instragrammable!

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