There are memories to be made and a hundred ways to play at LACF.

We’ve got a million ways to make you smile!

For that ear to ear smile, we’ve got heart-pounding shows. The “Oh wow, what’s that?!” smile can be found at any of our exhibitions. And if you’re looking for the “Never thought I’d see that in a million years” smile, you can try to catch one of the live births at The Farm.

We’re also introducing all kinds of new ways to play this year. Like our Luminasia exhibit, Grinding Gears  nightclub and Hall of Heroes featuring comic book and real-life heroes. Don’t miss our resident capuchin monkey Mojo in her new location, Mojo’s Wild & Crazy Lagoon, featuring Monkey Island, Kangaroo Cove and Zebra Crossing.




Did You Know…

Goat’s milk is the most consumed milk in the world? Check out the milking demo at The Farm

LACF has more than 70 thrilling, spine-tingling rides.

Tarantulas rarely bite people. Test that theory at Iggy’s Insect Encounter