Discover the World’s Largest Classroom® at LACF.

Learning disguised as fun.

Did you know goat’s milk is the most consumed milk in the world? Or that capuchin monkeys were named after a group of friars? Or that author Jules Verne is known as the “father of science fiction”? This is just a sample of what you’ll learn at LACF. Peek past the LACF fun and games and find a world of education going on. Lifelong learning is the foundation of LACF.

Pop Quiz – Did you know LACF hosts more than 150,000 students and teachers each year through the FairKids Field Trip program? Schools from across Southern California get to visit the Fair for free! There’s a reason we call it learning cleverly disguised as fun®!




Did You Know…

An average of 100 babies are born at the Fair each year.

The Farm at Fairplex annually grows more than 120 crops, most are California specialty crops.

We bottle our own extra virgin olive oil, from olives grown on the campus.