Food trucks, giant turkey legs, gourmet wraps, ethnic flavors, and the sweet taste of ice cream. Taste it all here.

Nom. Nom. Nom.

Inhale. Indulge. Repeat. Food is one of the top reasons guests love visiting LACF.  We have what you want – funnel cake – and what you don’t expect: gourmet ice cream with ingredients like strawberries, brown sugar and sour cream; crepes; fresh fruit dipped in chocolate and craft beers.

You got the foodie craving, we got the food, the wine, and the atmosphere that makes it taste great. Popular L.A. food trucks are here every weekend. Find your deep-fried indulgence and other oeey gooey Fair favorites.




Did You Know?


Deep-Fried Oreos were eaten at the 2013 Fair.


Lemonades were purchased.

LACF was one of the first locations in the U.S. to sell Spaghetti Ice Cream.